Halloween Politics: 3 terrifying Trump policies that will impact Californians


Halloween is a time for ghosts, goblins, and family and friends to come together. It is a time to celebrate and to enjoy a good scare. But there is a looming threat lurking over Californians…and unfortunately, it is not all fun and games. Today seems like the opportune time to lay out some of the most terrifying pieces of Trump’s agenda.

1. Border Wall: In our beautiful border city of San Diego, the Trump administration has authorized the development and testing of various border wall prototypes. I stand for using California’s environmental laws to slow or stop the border wall construction.

2. Coastal Drilling: In taking his first step towards opening up our precious ocean waters to offshore oil drilling, Trump signed the America First Offshore Energy Executive Order. Californians will not stand for oil rigs lining our coast, polluting our waters, and destroying our sea. As the chair of the California State Lands Commission (a role of the Lt. Governor), I will call for a ban on any oil tanker entering a California port to off-load its cargo, if it is a result of new oil drilling off our coast.

3. Tax Cuts: Beware the dreaded bait and switch. Trump’s tax cut would be a disaster for middle-class Americans. It would eliminate the 401(k) retirement plan, eliminate the federal deduction for any state and local taxes paid, eliminate or reduce the mortgage interest deduction, and add $3 trillion to the deficit. This is a veiled attempt to make the richest 1 percent even richer, at the expense of the rest of us. We can and should tell our congressional representatives to vote against any tax policy that hurts the average Californian and/or reduces our state’s ability to thrive economically.

While these scary policies should give you the chills, we don’t have to live in fear.

Help us fight back against the creepy crawly things that come from Trump in the night. Help us elect leaders into office that will stand-up for California Values.