CADEM 2018 Convention with Cameron Gharabiklou + The California Values Party

The 2018 California Democrats State Convention is taking place in San Diego, Calif. Feb. 23-25, and Lt. Governor Candidate Cameron Gharabiklou will be there speaking with various groups. Attendees are also encouraged to stop by his booth, say hello to volunteers and learn a little more about Cameron and the campaign. PLUS, open to all is the Cameron for California “California Values” party at Rustic Root on Saturday, Feb. 24 night, that you wont want to miss. RSVP and details here:

(If you are interested in having Cameron speak to your caucus at the CADEM convention, please email [email protected] with your request.)

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Halloween Politics: 3 terrifying Trump policies that will impact Californians


Halloween is a time for ghosts, goblins, and family and friends to come together. It is a time to celebrate and to enjoy a good scare. But there is a looming threat lurking over Californians...and unfortunately, it is not all fun and games. Today seems like the opportune time to lay out some of the most terrifying pieces of Trump’s agenda.

1. Border Wall: In our beautiful border city of San Diego, the Trump administration has authorized the development and testing of various border wall prototypes. I stand for using California’s environmental laws to slow or stop the border wall construction.

2. Coastal Drilling: In taking his first step towards opening up our precious ocean waters to offshore oil drilling, Trump signed the America First Offshore Energy Executive Order. Californians will not stand for oil rigs lining our coast, polluting our waters, and destroying our sea. As the chair of the California State Lands Commission (a role of the Lt. Governor), I will call for a ban on any oil tanker entering a California port to off-load its cargo, if it is a result of new oil drilling off our coast.

3. Tax Cuts: Beware the dreaded bait and switch. Trump’s tax cut... Read more >

The Role of the Lt. Governor of California

The office of Lt. Governor of California might be the least understood state elected position and the one that is the most underutilized. The Lt. Governor though is uniquely positioned to affect key issues in California that really matter from environment to education.

Higher Education: The Lt. Governor has the potential to impact the method in which higher education is obtained by our students and the ability of those students and current workers to get the jobs they deserve. As a Regent and Trustee of California public university system, I believe the next Lt. Governor should vote against any tuition/fee hikes on students. Whether or not to attend university shouldn't be a decision on whether or not to be saddled with debt the rest of your life. Education is a right. To further this goal, we should move towards tuition-free community college, which will allow our students to obtain the first two years of higher education without fear of financial destitution. If this is a value you share, make your voice heard!

Economic Development: As a Chairperson of the California Economic Development Commission, the Lt. Governor must assess the issues affecting our workers, provide a forum and... Read more >

San Diego Attorney and Business Owner Jumps in California Lieutenant Governor Race

Cameron Gharabiklou is running on a platform touting California values as a strong rebuke against Donald Trump.

San Diego, California (PRWEB) September 20, 2017

San Diego-based attorney Cameron Gharabiklou today announced his bid for Lieutenant Governor of California.

Gharabiklou, a 36-year-old attorney and business owner, launched with a strong and clear message: California will not tolerate the hateful and vindictive policies of the Donald Trump administration.

While many candidates thus far have been running their campaign with a more muted tone, Gharabiklou contends the state of California must use its position of strength and size to lead the country forward.

“California needs strong, outside thinkers in its state government,” said Gharabiklou. “We’re a state that has grown into the sixth largest economy in the world by embracing California values like inclusion, acceptance and equality.”

In Gharabiklou’s provocative launch video, he says, “we will not be silenced and we will not be bullied,” while calling for people to stand up for California values, and “lead the resistance.”

The Lieutenant Governor in California runs on its own ticket, independent of the Governor, and is one of the lesser know positions in state government; Gharabiklou wants to change that.

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