The Role of the Lt. Governor of California

The office of Lt. Governor of California might be the least understood state elected position and the one that is the most underutilized. The Lt. Governor though is uniquely positioned to affect key issues in California that really matter from environment to education.

Higher Education: The Lt. Governor has the potential to impact the method in which higher education is obtained by our students and the ability of those students and current workers to get the jobs they deserve. As a Regent and Trustee of California public university system, I believe the next Lt. Governor should vote against any tuition/fee hikes on students. Whether or not to attend university shouldn’t be a decision on whether or not to be saddled with debt the rest of your life. Education is a right. To further this goal, we should move towards tuition-free community college, which will allow our students to obtain the first two years of higher education without fear of financial destitution. If this is a value you share, make your voice heard!

Economic Development: As a Chairperson of the California Economic Development Commission, the Lt. Governor must assess the issues affecting our workers, provide a forum and platform for workers to alert decision makers on the roadblocks and problems they encounter in providing for themselves and their families, and work with the legislature to pass laws that make California a healthy, livable state. We must bring the middle class back and provide opportunities for all to reach the outer bounds of their economic dreams. If bringing economic fairness and opportunity to all Californians is a value you share, help us achieve it!

Environment: Our environment is constantly under threat; we need strong leadership to stand up and protect our precious lands and oceans. As Chair of the State Lands Commission and a member of the Ocean Protection Council, the Lt. Governor has a critical responsibility to exhibit leadership and initiate actions that preserve and protect our environment. From ensuring protection of our oceans, wetlands, tidal basins, and other wild areas, while preserving California’s coast in the midst of climate change and sea-level rise, the Lt. Governor is responsible for leading the commission and council to do what is right, and to do it now, before it is too late. Help us protect our oceans and environment!

We need your help to ensure our state stands on the California Values now more than ever. Your investment in this movement is an investment in California Values. Make your voice heard today!